Bren Wearable  Hybrid Energy Generator

BREN is wearable hybrid energy generator that can meet your daily power consumption and eliminate your need for carrying a charger or powerbank. It can communicate with others and provide location sharing in many areas such as mountain climbing, cycling, motorcycle groups, underwater sports as well as solutions to your electric needs and security services.

Customer Problems

  • Energy Requirement for Smart Phones and Watches
  • Communication Problems in Emergencies
  • Heavy Batteries
  • Expensive GPS Devices
  • Missing Devices

Competitive Advantages

  • Hybrid Sustainable Energy Source
  • Smart Phone and Watch Charging Feature
  • Communication b/w Devices and Positioning
  • Multifunctional Use
  • Light and Practical
  • Max. Energy Generation
  • Storage and Transfer Capabilities
  • Compatible with IoT Devices

Usage Areas

  • Smart Phone and Watch Users
  • Outdoor Sportsmen and Sportswomen
  • Military

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