What is CFD?

CFD analysis is the modeling of fluid passing through any structure or object. It is used in numerical methods to determine the properties of the fluid. You will be able to analyze complex problems involving the interaction of Computational Fluid Dynamics (HAD / CFD) and liquid-solid, liquid-liquid or liquid-gas fluids. CFD analysis, which is used frequently in engineering fields, can be modeled by the service of our company.


Why is CFD Analysis used?

CFD analysis and simulations are important because they save time in the design process. Thus, in order to obtain data, cheaper and faster results can be obtained compared to conventional tests. In fact, the tests required to be done with CFD analysis can be done in any number of different parameters.

We help you with all kinds of design, analysis, installation and application before prototype stage. We are at your side in all kinds of projects related to CFD analysis. As Aeroall Engineering, our adaptive mesh refinement solution method, which is different from the traditional solution methods, increases the speed of analysis and enables us to achieve more accurate results.

CFD analysis in Aerospace and Defense Industry

As BREN Advanced Technology Energy Inc., we are able to model the optimum performance with high or low Mach numbers (hypersonic, supersonic and subsonic flows) with CFD analysis for aerospace and defense industry according to Aerodynamic design processes. Calculating the coefficients of friction and transport (CL) and drag (Cd) in flow areas surface modeling can be achieved at a lower cost than the closest results to wind tunnel testing.

  • Rocket and Missile Designs CFD Analysis and Simulation
  • Automotive aerodynamics and design CFD Analysis and Simulation
  • Flight analysis of aircraft and helicopters CFD Analysis and Simulation
  • Flood modeling in land vehicles CFD Analysis Simulation

Automotive CFD Analysis

Ensuring the aerodynamic performance of the vehicles you design is still possible by obtaining the correct coefficient (CL) and CD (drag coefficient). In addition to the experimental results, you can get a minimum error in the aerodynamic performance calculation with our AEROFSI software. In addition, measurements of in-vehicle ventilation and control temperatures and speeds can be optimally analyzed with CFD applications. You can determine heating and ventilation air conditioning systems, inter-channel openings and distances by CFD analysis.

  • Car Aerodynamics CFD Analysis and Simulation
  • CFD Analyzes and Simulation of Passenger Comfort
  • Air Conditioning System and Ventilation Channel CFD Analysis and Simulation
  • CFD Analysis and Simulation of Engine Cooling
  • Rearview Mirror CFD Analysis and Simulation
  • Manifold CFD Analysis and Simulation
  • Analysis and Simulation of Acoustic and Noise CFD Analysis

Data Center (CFD) Analysis

Temperature, pressure and ventilation of the roofs or floors due to pressure drops in different structures are observed by CFD analysis. By simulating the flow, determination of settlement areas and ground flow control are performed. As BREN Advanced Technology Energy Inc., we can make your current system improvements by performing thermal flow modeling in areas where data centers and server computers are located.

CFD Analysis and Simulation of

Shopping Centers and Parking Fire

Jetfan settlements for creating safe environments in shopping centers and car parks are possible with CFD analysis. As BREN Advanced Technology Energy Inc., we are able to control fire and air flow in the environment by using fire modeling. We provide fire simulations and smoke distribution analysis for passenger comfort and safety protocols.

Free surface (free surface) flow CFD analysis and simulation

Free surface flow modeling is most commonly used in CFD analysis. In the case of single-phase or multi-phase (multiphase) fluids, the simulations of the fluid are compared and compared to the actual velocity and pressure values ​​on the surface. Free surface flows are modeled by using VOF (Volume of Fluid Model) and CFD analyzes are performed.

  • Tank shaking
  • Tank filling / unloading
  • Breakwater and similar modeling
  • Ship Surface Modeling Analysis

Construction and Architecture CFD Analyzes

CFD analyzes of large structures exposed to high and wind exposed to construction and architecture areas are carried out and fluid-structure interaction forces are calculated and improvement and optical design values ​​are determined. As BREN High Technology Energy Inc., we are presenting front and outside building CFD analysis solutions with the wind modeling around your structures by making Front Load calculations.


  • Structure Aerodynamics CFD Analysis and Simulation
  • CFD Analysis and Simulation of Clean Air and Dirty Weather Construction
  • In-house ventilation location and flow optimization and simulation
  • Determination and Simulation of indoor flow velocities
  • Wind load CFD analysis calculations and simulation
  • Hydrodynamic CFD Analysis calculations
  • Flood and Tsunami Modeling
  • Air Diffusion CFD analysis

Turbine CFD Analysis

CFD analyzes of high-speed rotating systems are carried out and design parameters are brought to the most efficient working conditions. Pump CFD analysis, Compressor CFD analysis systems are important for examining the effect of fluid pressure and velocity values ​​in the working environment on existing surfaces.


  • CFD Analysis of Pump
  • Compressor CFD Analysis
  • Analysis of Wind Turbine CFD
  • Cavitation CFD analysis of gear and impellers

Electronic CFD Analysis

The thermal analysis of systems and devices operating in the field of electricity and electronics is inevitable since it is necessary during operation. Electronic cards The CFD analysis cooling units’ capabilities can be used for temperature and control analysis to ensure that these devices last longer. As BREN High Technology Energy Inc., with AEROFSI software, we can make sensitive and experimental results analysis in micro structures.

  • CFD Analysis of Electronic Systems and Devices
  • Refrigerant CFD Analysis
  • Computer Case CFD Analysis
  • CFD Analysis of Car Audio and Navigation Systems