What is Embedded System Design?

The embedded system is a numerical system based on the algorithm, which is designed for application to solve a problem, and its peripherals are algorithm based. The main purpose in the design of embedded systems is the use of small but more capable systems that are unique and special. It gives physical advantage to systems by providing size advantage. Our team of engineers has a diploma accredited by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the field of Industrial Automation Systems. Bren Advanced Technology Energy Inc. With the efficient engineer staff, we can produce the most important design skills for you.



  • Software designed using 8-16-32 bits STM, TI, Microchip, Atmel microprocessors
  • Multi-task software designed with RTOS (Real Time Operation System)
  • User interface software with HMI (Human Machine Interface) screens


  • Low Power Electronic board designs
  • Analog Communication Electronic Card Designs
  • Data Collection (Light, sound, temperature, pressure, humidity, oxygen level, carbon dioxide level, electronic sensors that can measure the fluid speed) Electronic card designs
  • Design of thermal, electromagnetic, solar power and chargeable electronic cards


  • Production and testing of all kinds of electronic circuits

IOT Systems

  • RFID systems, GPS, GSM, GPRS monitoring and communication systems with the help of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy technologies
  • Remote control systems

Industrial Automation Systems

  • PLC (Programming Logical Controller) made with noise, temperature, humidity and so on. highly stable, stable, reliable automation systems such as external factors.