Hybrid Nano Energy Generator

Combining different energy sources designed by Bren Advanced Technology Energy Inc., this system provides energy source by using motion and surface waste heat.

Applications of Flexible Hybrid Nanogenerators

  • Space and Defense Industry,
  • Military Technologies,
  • Health
  • Automotive Industry,
  • IoT devices,

It is used in textile sectors and its usage area is expanding day by day.

Heat and motion / vibrations are converted directly into electrical energy or electrical energy to heat. Voltage occurs when there is a temperature difference between the surfaces. The temperature gradient applied to the atomic dimension causes the loads in the material to spread from the hot side to the cold side.

With the increasing interest in wearable technologies, flexible thermoelectric modules have started to gain importance. It provides maximum energy recycling by completely wrapping the surface. Thus, more efficiency can be obtained than their non-flexible counterparts. These modules are produced by nanotechnology.

The efficiency of the thermoelectric module varies according to the performance coefficient of the thermoelectric material, the temperature difference between the contact surfaces, and the pressure applied to the contact surface of the module. According to the reference data, a 1 × 1 m2 flexible thermoelectric module can produce 24,80 watts with a suitable fin structure at a welding temperature of 70 C.

One of the most important global problems is that limited natural resources are unable to meet the growing need for energy. Most of these resources are fossil fuels. While obtaining electrical energy from these sources and using this energy, it is possible to recycle the heat energy and to increase the energy efficiency by using thermoelectric power generators. Thus, thermoelectric modules will play an important role in reducing the use of fossil fuels.

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