Find the best solutions about CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and Electronic Design needed on your project with our technology and team.

CFD Simulations

With CFD solutions /simulation, you are able to analyze complex problems involving fluid-fluid, fluid-solid or fluid-gas interaction. CFD analyses have a great potential to save time in the design process and are therefore cheaper and faster compared to conventional testing for data acquisition

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FEA Solutions

It can be understood with FEA (Structural) the product reliable and requirements. The results in terms of physical parameters is obtained with linear and nonlinear analysis, modal/buckling, thermal stress, size and topology optimization.

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Embedded System Desing and Sofwares

Get the specific solutions for your needed such as Low Power Electronic board design,Analog Communication Electronic board design,Data Collecting (Light, sound, temperature, pressure, humidity, oxygen level, carbon dioxide level), thermoelectric, Electromagnetic, Solar Power and Re-Charge Electronic Board Design

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Contact and follow our webinars, training for MIDAS NFX, CivilFEM, NX CAD

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Energy Technologies

We offer you advanced technology energy systems that generate from low power to high about renewable energy.


BREN is wearable hybrid energy generator that can meet your daily power consumption and eliminate your need for carrying a charger or powerbank. It can communicate with others and provide location sharing in many areas such as mountain climbing, cycling, motorcycle groups, underwater sports as well as solutions to your electric needs and security services.

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Flexible Hybrid Energy Generator

Wtih spread of wearable technologies, flexible thermoelectric is being more sophisticated than other power generator. It covers to connected surface to get best efficiency with more power.

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Smart Solar Collectors

Parabolic Solar Collectors are one of the most effective solutions to use renewable energy resources today. These systems, which can be used both domestically and industrially, provide hot water and hot steam by the thermal oil effect, and contribute to the electricity generation by ORC systems as well. Reflective surface quality is the leading parameter of the effectively efficient parameters. In our production, this yield is 97%. Although parabolic solar collectors are efficient due to linear reflection, the basic structure of the design and production process is achieved by the mechanically installed reducer and the integrated automation and scada system.

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We are the representative of the highest quality software that brings engineering and technology to life.


To learn more about the software, please click on the link below.

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MidasNFX is an integrated finite element analysis program for structural, CFD simulation and optimization design. It provides efficient and accurate analysis together with an integrated pre-post processor, developed by senior mechanical engineers with over 20 years of CAE software development expertise.

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MeshFree is a design and analysis technology developed as a joint project with Samsung Electronics.

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Civil FEM

CivilFEM is the advanced finite element analysis and design software used in civil engineering projects. This software allows you to make powerful structural simulations for projects such as large buildings, bridge constructions, nuclear power plants, coastal structures.

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